Using a new technology called  EEG-Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, we can now measure what is going on your brain and your whole body when you are at rest, concentrating, relaxing, sleep or meditating. We receive direct and immediate information on physiological measures and we can compare those measures with a huge database from people we have measured and have shown to produce the proper values before during and after meditation.

With this knowledge we know which brain patterns are helpful  to support meditation and so a better wellbeing. We can help you develop those brain waves that help you increase your meditation skills. We can even help you by  gently encouraging those desired patterns and give feedback when the mind is “off track.”  In a process that  can lead to greater awareness you will more likely move into a meditative state of consciousness or bliss. By analyzing your brainwave patterns before during and after  meditation your efforts to move you deeper into meditationi become more successful. Also you might experience to move more directly through plateaus of thinking or places where you feel something stuck. 

But Neuro Meditation can also be used with clinical disorders like ADHD, depression, anxiety and other symptoms.

Brain Science and Brain-Computer-Interface like Brain-Avatar sLoreta-Projector is a great tool to explore your whole brain. With 3D projections we can look at many regions in the brain associated with meditation. There are no side effects, no chemicals that have to be used for brain imaging.

Our Measures:

  • Quantitative EEG – Raw EEG
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Heart Coherence
  • Global Gamma Detection
  • Blood Volume Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Skin Conductance
  • pre and post Measurements
  • Development of your Mediation skills

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